Appliance Maintenance Tips

The Houston appliance repair specialists at A Noble Service find on some washing machine repair jobs that some simple maintenance on the washer would have prevented the failure.  Many washing machine problems are caused by overloading the machine and poor maintenance. Here some tips that the appliance owner can take to make their washing machine last and save some electricity:
• Level the Washer: An unbalanced machine will be very noisy and can cause undue wear and tear on parts.

• Maintain Hoses: Replace hoses every 5 to 7 years to eliminate the risk of leaking or bursting. A burst washer hose can do serious water damage to a home very quickly.

• Maintain Drain: Keep waste water drain clear of debris, lint and other blockages. Make sure hose is not kinked.

• Do not overload: The excess weight of an overloaded washer will cause the washer to over work and use more energy. It can also lead to serious damage to the machine.

• Detergent: Follow manufacturer’s guidelines when measuring detergent. The amount needed depends on water hardness, size of load and degree of soil.

• Water Temperature: Save energy by using cold or warm water.

• Load size: One large load is much more efficient than several small loads. Save time, energy, water, detergent and wear and tear on the machine with fewer, larger loads (but again…do not overload!)

• Spin Cycle: The better the spin cycle, the more water that is extracted from clothes so they dry faster. An over loaded machine will not spin efficiently, so clothes will come out wetter and the dryer will take longer and use more energy.

• Drum Balance: Distribute laundry evenly around the spindle to prevent overloading the motor and breaking the drum belt.

• Water Level: Use the appropriate water level for the size load. Washing a small load in a high water level leads to reduced agitation and cleaning power.

Appliance Repair Houston repairmen are authorized to service most models of washing machines and other home appliances. To ensure quality service and customer satisfaction, appliance repair technicians are background checked and drug screened. All technicians are licensed and insured and the company carries adequate general liability and workers compensation insurance to protect their customers and their employees. To learn more about maintenance tips, visit our other website at or call 281-859-9540.

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